“There are days when you find yourself on a roll.


In flow.


Going for something you never even knew you could have.


You can taste it…


…and then there they are.


The ones who take subtle and not so subtle digs.


The ones who cling to their mediocrity and try to convince you that you should too. The ones who drain you. The ones who try to ride your coattails for free.


We’re not like that.


We’re the kind of people who remind you that you breathe fire.”


– Erin Matlock, Founder, THE EDGE

/the edge/: a tight knit family of emerging leaders who roll up their sleeves and support each other, cheer each other on, give honest feedback and call each other out when they’re hiding in fear and playing small.


Coaches, Artists, Authors, Providers, Speakers, Physicians, Teachers, Business Owners, Consultants, High Profile Executives and Community Leaders. All markets are welcome.


You are ready to grow your visibility, influence and find personal alignment in your work.


A flexible personality is a must here. If you are rigid, and wish to remain that way, you are not a fit.


If you are a bit rigid and understand that in order to grow into influence, you must pivot and reevaluate regularly, then you are a yes as you will be stretched into a flexible leader. (You are allowed to curse my name during this process.)


And if you’re already flexible, welcome home. You’ll love it here.


This is hands on training, guidance, networking and support in a mid-size group environment.


This is the beauty of a finely curated group – you will feed off of each other’s success. You will network and share resources. You will lean on each other. You will hold each other accountable.


And most of all, you will be supported and mentored by a 10-year veteran as you take your personal profile to a level of visibility you didn’t know was possible.


In THE EDGE, the “gold” comes up through the cracks of our conversation. We cover broad ranges of business, soul and mindset topics and we revisit common themes monthly.


Your challenges are unique to you, so your particular area of focus will be customized and will shift throughout your time in the group.


Here are some of the topics that were covered over a small sample of our previous sessions.

Beginner-coach one-on-one pricing: $1500 and how to structure that package


Seeding your offers on your personal Facebook profile and business page


Following your inner compass and watching the Universe bust down doors for you


Using ‘lunch with the ladies’ to sell your own high end jewelry


A behind the scenes look at my own self development coaching program and the strategy that is required to launch and sustain it


Brochure advertising for snail mail


Creating packages and specials of the month


Easy Zoom video backgrounds with green screen


Clip-on selfie lights for on the go Facebook Livecasts


Accepting and sustaining the energy when things are going well


Resisting the urge to make things difficult because you were taught to believe that life and work are hard


Self doubt and pricing mistakes


Price “gouging” beliefs and why you are actually different from “crooks” “scam artists” and “rich jerk-faces”


Imposter syndrome and feeling like a fraud because everything is not perfect in your life


Catching and countering the shame response


Psychological Projection and owning when you slide into victimhood


Truly identifying what you offer to clients so they immediately understand how you can help them


Accidentally unselling your exact client due to self-sabotage and fear and exactly how to go back and reverse this.


Utilizing human reaction to your existence to understand what you are truly “selling” – especially if you are struggling with your “niche”


The advanced and highly conscious way I enroll my high profile clients (worth your entire investment in the EDGE times 10,000)

Pushing through the fear of success by identifying the deeply embedded blocks from your childhood


Facebook Ads and Pinterest Ads for Jewelry and other physical goods


Consistent lead generation


Breaking lead magnets and strategy sessions down into specific topics to triage your web and social media visitors


Video Marketing topic specialization


Retargeting FB Ads to multiple content pieces for bonding and pre-educating


Expanding a practice to multiple locations


Business partnerships/consulting


Valuing and branding your intellectual property


Webinar funnels for non-business niches


How to handle a client when they email to back out of payment and enrollment


Converting your personal Pinterest account to a business account so you can advertise


Email management systems to build and minister to your subscriber list


What is affiliate management and do you need it?


How to structure a $1500-$5000 coaching package so you rise above the over-saturated market of average coaches

Building exclusivity into your offer


Marketing to the affluent


Running your first online summit


Facebook Ads for summits: lessons learned


What parents want out of a paid membership program


How to gracefully and successfully block out the people who tell you you’re going to fail


Using Amazon.com to sell our physical goods and build your email list


Finding your spiritual running buddy in your business


Letting go of what’s not working in your business and life
through spiritual or personal ceremony


Feeling your way through your decisions and finding the courage to let your heart lead you to your path


We meet every other week on Wednesday for 2 hours, online, live on video. All meetings will be open Q and A. You can stay the entire time or come and go as you please.


We have two sessions on those Wednesdays to accommodate members in diverse time zones/regions outside of the United States such as the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, Canada and Tonga. You can choose either session and you can switch session times any time you like.


United States and Canada


Session One: 11am PDT / 2pm EDT

Session Two: 5pm PDT / 8pm EDT


United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe


Session One: 7pm BST (London Time) / 8pm CEST (France)

Session Two: 1am BST / 2am CEST (THURSDAY Morning)


Australia (Sessions occur on Thursday in Australia)


Session One: 2am AWST / 4am AEST

Session Two: 8am AWST/ 10am AEST


Tonga (Sessions occur on Thursday)


Session One: 7am TOT

Session Two: 1pm TOT


You will also have a separate, private Facebook group where you have daily support and conversation from your fellow members and Erin.


This is a no-stress, easy access group. Its entire design is to support your forward action so you don’t have to do it alone.

You’ll meet live on camera via Zoom conferencing.



Erin Matlock is a founder, advisor and advocate who has spent a decade in leadership in the brain health, mental health, neurotech and self development markets.

She is a Life Member of Mensa and a peak mindset coach who has advised top MDs, CEOs, PhDs, therapists, providers, entrepreneurs and professionals as she successfully guided them to major breakthroughs in their public profile, career level and financial success.

She is an international and TEDx speaker who has shared the stage with Quincy Jones, Montel Williams, Dave Asprey of Bulletproof and world renowned brain doctor, Dr. Daniel Amen.

Named one of the Top 50 Human Behavior Experts to Follow in 2017, she is a wildly popular blogger who reaches a global audience of over 3 million people each year.


THE EDGE is an online mastermind with no-stress, no-contract and simple monthly dues.


The magic of this group is that everyone is easy to like, flexible, positive, open-minded and truly wants the best for their peers.


If this sounds like you, and you are looking to expand your visibility and influence, then please join us. We’d love to meet you!


The current fee for THE EDGE is $299 per month.


New members have a one-time option of joining at the charter rate of $199 per month for as long as you remain a paying member. Please note that if you choose to cancel your membership and then return at a later date, you will be welcomed back at the current rate of $299 per month.


If current pricing is a financial hardship for you, then you really need to get in this group. You are over-functioning and under-earning into exhaustion, and this is not the way to live and work in alignment.


We understand. We have big hearts and we have such a need to serve in our work that we often put ourselves and our fees last on the list.


This does nothing for you other than create a cycle of hardship.


If you’re ready to solve these issues, please join us.


Facebook Advertising

(A $997 Value)

Walk step by step with Facebook Ads Agency Owner Rory Stern as he shows you how to use the Power Editor and set up your first ad campaign.


You’ll discover how to research and choose the best audience for your offers, as well as what kinds of images are currently performing best.


You’ll learn best practices to keep your account active and to avoid getting shut down by Facebook due to compliance violations.


And finally, you’ll see how to use the Facebook Pixel to build custom audiences to re-market to so your ad budget is maximized with the people who are most interested in you.

Advanced Sales Techniques

(A $1997 Value)

Join Yvette Roybal for this advanced and in-depth sales training for people who hate to sell.


Yvette is the Executive Manager of Fiesta Nissan Santa Fe (Yep. We brought in the woman who easily handles the toughest sales conversations on the planet — car sales.)


You’ll learn how to build authentic and instant rapport with people so that you can create an atmosphere of trust.


You’ll watch as Yvette takes objection after objection from our members and easily counters and overcomes them with integrity. You’ll receive the full written transcript of this meeting so you have her exact language at your fingertips.


You’ll discover pacing and timing in enrollment conversations and how to answer the dreaded question of “How much do you charge?”.


You’ll realize that price is a myth. (Once you get this last part, you’ll never get trapped in pricing mistakes again.)


(A $497 Value)

Join your coach, Erin Matlock, as she walks you through a live self-improvement lead generation funnel.


You’ll get Erin’s expert and private commentary as she shows you the Facebook Ad that brings prospects into the expert’s nurturing email list.


You’ll watch an entire automated webinar with Erin pointing out the psychological bonding and pre-selling techniques being used.


You’ll see the innovative offer that is currently working best via webinar and Erin will explain how and why it works so well.


You’ll receive the entire email followup sequence so you can learn how to continue to add value and build rapport with prospects while moving them to a decision about working with you.


This is a candid view of a working webinar funnel and something Erin typically only does for private clients.


(A $997 Value)



Christina Rasmussen sits down for an in depth training on what you need to land the book deal and the realities of promoting and touring for the book.




Julia Roy walks you through the puzzle of setting up your first podcast, branding it and handling high end guests.




Marc Winn teaches you what TEDx organizers look for when choosing speakers and offers insider tips on crafting a winning talk.




Max Lugavere is a regular on the Dr. Oz show and takes you through his unorthodox way of getting on national TV. (Hint: It’s not an agent.)




Tracey Butler gives you her exact blueprint for packaging and pricing her services for profit as well as her system for enrolling clients.




John Mekrut takes you behind the scenes of hot conferences and shows you how to break into the insider’s club.




Dr. Drema Dial gives you her exact roadmap for transitioning from insurance to self pay clients or patients, as well as how to confidently raise your fees.




Ellen Goodwin teaches you the contest method for scaling your newsletter list – including the exact software to use for viral entries.




Pat Faust teaches you how to navigate the corporate contract world as an expert trainer including how to get to decision makers and when to actually pitch.

Praise From Erin’s Mindset Course Members

I built a resort in the South Pacific when I was 65. I am now 75 and I felt the need for support and inspiration. We swim with humpback whales for 3 months (half of July, August, September and half of October) and are fully booked but then take 9 months off.

I was thinking of doing 3 months here and build a wellness retreat in Tucson, close to family, and do a 3 month business there. However, having either place dormant for 9 months is not good for the property or employees.

I felt the need for support in the decision making process. I am making no profit but realizing my dreams, so wanted help to find and release my blocks to making money.

Even though I have not been able to join you live I still feel like I am part of a family that is working toward change. Your class has been such a joy because it has felt very up close and personal.

Working with someone who knows they are a work in progress is so great, as we all are no matter how old we are. I am so proud of you and what you are doing.

I have learned to act on opportunities and to say yes to what feels right and no to what does not.

Patti Ernst

My internal compass had slowly been recalibrating for a number of months. On a very visceral level, I knew it was my time. Furthermore, I sensed that you were the one to accompany and guide me through this journey. My intuition was spot on.

My biggest takeaway is to trust my internal compass and that everything I need to be the absolute best version of myself is already within me and surrounding me. I can tune in to the energy that is already present by aligning my emotions with my goals and then taking action that supports my moving forward…closer to my desires.

I now also have come to realize that those that I know and love, even those that I’m close to, cannot be persuaded to join me on this journey…they have their own path to take…some may take my hand and others may walk away…but I know now that it’s not my responsibility to steer them in my direction.

Tina Cufaro

There are so many things I have learnt through your guidance, the biggest being a shift in perception of myself and what I am capable of.  I have quite a journey ahead but with the tools you’ve given me I now know I’m in the strongest position to accomplish bigger and better things. 

Mike Meinke

Distilling everything down to 1 nugget = If it’s not 100% yes, it’s a no. That means what & who I invest my time in, how I act, with whom I interact (who I consider my friends), how much I charge for my professional services (am I charging what I am worth?) how long I spend doing anything, and last but certainly not least, collateral damage.

Adeena Pelberg

I so thoroughly enjoyed the digital marketing class which you taught that I decided to have another experience with you!

My biggest takeaway was the “importance of cleaning up collateral damage.” As a result of this teaching, I undertook, during the period of this course, to address/resolve a painful betrayal issue with a good friend. The steps were taken, and I am at peace.

Pat Mattas, Educational Therapist

I actually didn’t know what to expect when I signed up. I felt drawn to Erin and somehow my inner guidance system (which I would learn more about) guided me to take this – so I said Yes and signed up. Thankfully I listened.

My biggest takeaway was cleaning up my collateral damage – I had no idea how much this has been blocking me and my health. Learning to trust and be guided by my inner guidance system.

Melanie Wood, OT Solutions

Marketing can seem sterile, spammy or even predatory. But Erin brings warmth, humor and skill to the material. And her brand of marketing is the opposite of predatory – she’s out to HELP people, and to help OTHERS help people.

Tori Deaux

Erin is brilliant in her ideas and though she calls herself shy she is an excellent teacher with her bags full of entrepreneurial tricks and tools.

Habib Khan M.D.

Not only did Erin give me instant ideas and tools to catch my business up to speed, she is also a warm, genuine, honest person, and a great role model for living a business life that is in full alignment with her personal life.

Jennifer Medley

If you need help developing and marketing your brand in this ever changing digitally connected world look no further, Erin is the expert you need. Her analysis, perceptive insights and advice will give you the tools you need. The personal experience she brings and the enthusiasm Erin has for the field of brain health will make her an invaluable partner in your success.

John Mekrut

Erin is different because she is very patient and genuine, and really provides you with a tremendous amount of valuable, step-by-step, ‘how to’ information about the overall structure, the technology, and all the detailed nuance needed to develop an online presence and then most importantly, move people to take action and purchase.

David Delaney LPC



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