Erin Matlock is a globally recognized business advisor and strategist offering private, virtual 2-hour mentoring sessions to individuals looking to blueprint the steps to move to their next level of income and visibility.


  • ethical digital marketing
  • social media control
  • persuasive storytelling
  • subscriber growth
  • disenchantment
  • releasing deep seated self sabotage
  • resistance to ease
  • navigating personal life shifts
  • partner fractures
  • launch strategy
  • meltdown management
  • earning customer/client respect
  • exiting corporate for entrepreneurship
  • streamlining scale for flexibility
  • audience engagement
  • reputation protection
  • book writing
  • strategic positioning for funding
  • backend revenue development
  • reginiting passion in your work
  • meaningful branding
  • joint ventures and VIP partnerships
  • layered negotiation training
  • solving destructive patterns
  • eliminating decision paralysis
  • exiting academia for commercial ventures

Virtual Mentor Sessions

Who is this for?: Professionals of all levels who are in need of short-term and immediate advisement. Mentor Sessions are typically scheduled within one week of inquiry. (Sometimes less.)

Location: We meet virtually on Zoom video conferencing.

Availability: Please click here to schedule your Mentor Session with Erin.

Fee: $1000

Erin Matlock brain

Erin Matlock is a globally recognized mindset coach whose radical approach attracts CEOs, media personalities, NY Times bestselling authors, elite athletes and highly visible entrepreneurs as she guides them through intense transition and rapid growth in their professional and personal life.


She is a life member of Mensa® and founder of BRAIN SUMMIT. A dedicated activist and advisor, she has spent over a decade in leadership in the brain health, mental health, neurotech and transformational markets.


Named one of the Top 50 Human Behavior Experts to Follow, she is a popular international and TEDx speaker who boldly challenges the stigma of suicide and depression through deeply personal accounts of survival and public recovery.



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