Work with Erin Matlock one-on-one in an exclusive, multi-layered coaching program including music listening therapy, proprietary human potential protocols, heart rate variability training and attention & awareness training.

For this round of enrollment, your entire training will be lead personally by Erin. In future rounds, specially-trained coaches may step in to lead in order to accommodate her speaking schedule.

If you wish to work privately with Erin, please secure your registration now.

Your enrollment fee for this program including your neurotechnology equipment is


Unlike a workshop or retreat where once you return home, you are on your own, you will receive lifetime access to your program so that you can truly master the training, protocols and framework.

++ Your music listening therapy is delivered through the premium Waves multi-sensory headphone technology with simultaneous air and bone conduction stimulation. You will own this equipment for life.


++ You will receive lifetime access to mindset coaching protocols that have been developed and utilized over 10 years. Please note: Erin currently does not license or certify any other coach or organization in the use of these protocols.


++ You will receive lifetime access to your multi-layered heart rate variability training program.


++ You will receive lifetime access to your attention and awareness training program.


++ You will work with Erin one-on-one via convenient and private video conferencing so you can access this program from anywhere in the world. (There are no added travel or hotel costs in this program. It works around any schedule.)


++ As a bonus, you will receive a full year’s access to your music listening therapy online dashboard. (Often when clients are done with their training cycle, they pass the equipment on to a family member to maximize their investment.)


If you are interested in enrolling in this program now,  please complete the form below to set up a complimentary consultation call where you can discuss logistics and ask any remaining questions.


Erin Matlock is founder of BRAIN SUMMIT and CEO of Brain Pages Inc. She is an activist, speaker and advisor who has spent a decade in leadership in the brain health, mental health, neurotech and transformational markets.


Erin is a life member of Mensa® and a globally recognized mindset coach whose radical approach attracts CEOs, media personalities, NY Times bestselling authors, elite athletes and highly visible entrepreneurs as she guides them through intense transition and rapid growth in their professional and personal life.


Named one of the Top 50 Human Behavior Experts to Follow in 2017, she is a popular international and TEDx speaker who boldly challenges the stigma of suicide and depression through deeply personal accounts of survival and public recovery.


Erin Matlock is not a medical practitioner and does not diagnose or treat any medical or psychiatric condition. She does not dispense any medical advice or prescriptions.


All products and services by Erin Matlock and Brain Pages Inc are for educational and informational purposes only. Nothing on this page, any of our websites, or any of our content or coaching replaces medical or psychiatric care nor is it a promise or guarantee of any results.


You agree to fully research, and assume all liability for, any and all coaching, content, strategies and techniques we discuss, and you agree to seek the care of a licensed medical professional before moving forward with any changes. If you feel sick and need medical care of any kind, you agree to take responsibility for your health and contact your licensed health care provider.



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