“You have chaos in your soul and lightning in your veins, you, my dear, were made for wild, magical things.”


Erin Matlock

Erin Matlock is an artist, author and advocate with over 15 years of leadership in the brain health and mental health markets.


She is a life member of Mensa® and a transformational coach who guides her clients through deeply intense transition and rapid growth in their professional and personal lives.


An international and TEDx speaker, she boldly challenges the stigma of suicide and depression through deeply personal accounts of survival and recovery.


Please join Erin as she translates her viral published poetry to large format canvas through the use of bright acrylic color and sculptural text. Her works are studies on self worth, self acceptance and individuality, and have been received with delightful success.

Original Artwork

Erin is a text-based contemporary artist blending her poetry with acrylic painting on large-format canvas. Original artwork and custom commissions are currently available. Please visit Erin’s Instagram to view a larger selection of detailed photos and then send a direct message to inquire about purchasing.

Red and Pink Love Painting by Erin Matlock
Erin Matlock art commission
Hope Painting by Erin Matlock
Believe Painting by Erin Matlock

Featured Video

“If you feel broken, alone, or unhappy, this might be the most important video you watch today.”
– SuperheroYOU

The Book

Worth It is Erin’s debut poetry collection exploring life, heartbreak, love and the courage to choose yourself.



This raw, beautiful book will inspire you to take stock of your life, embrace the explosive love of this world and rise up into who you were destined to be.

colorfully painted brain

Brain Summit

Brain Summit is a virtual conference founded by Erin which features top experts in mental health, cognitive performance, brain health, neuroscience and biohacking.



Past speakers have included Jim Kwik, Dr. Caroline Leaf, Dave Asprey, Dr. Rick Hanson, Dr. Sarah McKay, Dr. Nicole Beurkens, Dr. Maya Shetreat, Steven Kotler and more.