“She saw in us what we had never seen in ourselves and somehow we came to believe in what she saw.”


Linda Tippett, Coach and Past Client of Erin Matlock

Erin Matlock is a globally recognized coach and advisor offering the premier level of discretion and exclusivity for individuals seeking confidential, one on one support.


CEOs, health personalities, NY Times bestselling authors, critically acclaimed artists, elite athletes and highly successful entrepreneurs have sought out Erin’s unique expertise when in need of advisement through periods of deeply intense transition and rapid growth in their professional and personal lives.


+ Entrepreneurs who understand their personal brand is their currency and who want to scale their image, messaging and visibility.


+ High profile professionals and artists who need confidential, unbiased support during periods of extreme stress and public-facing pressure.


+ C-Suite pros and founders who value strategic and confidential veteran advisement through rapid periods of transition and growth in their companies.


+ Couples going through divorce or separation who wish to keep their relationship in tact and peaceful as they move on to individual lives.


+ Individuals preparing for divorce or separation who want support as they navigate the difficult emotional and physical issues that occur.


+ Academics who are looking to leave research/teaching to go into commercial or entrepreneurial endeavors.


+ Physicians who no longer want to practice medicine in a traditional manner and want to use their credentials and training in a lateral market or venture.


+ Aspiring authors who want to complete their book and nail down their messaging and branding.


+ Seasoned professionals looking to leave the corporate world to launch and scale their own endeavors.


Availability: Currently accepting clients. You will meet virtually with Erin via weekly private video conferencing.

This is deeply transformative change…together. 

Please send an email to: You and Erin will schedule a short video chat to get to know each other and ensure the two of you are a fit.


+ How to respond to stressful, draining or annoying people with a surprising level of compassion and appreciation


+ How to stop the pattern of shame and critical self-talk that serves only to prolong a state of negative momentum, sadness and frustration


+ How to make cognitive changes that lead to confident control over feelings and emotions


+ How to turn jealousy and envy into powerful allies that help uncover exactly what one wants in life


+ How to confidently and freely speak one’s mind so that conversations are left with composure and courage safely in tact


+ How to recognize obstacles for what they really are and watch as they lead to new opportunities for highly desired goals


+ How to release the need for approval from outside sources


+ How to tap into guidance at any time and learn to strengthen the powerful inner voice


+ Identify core wounds and how they are repeatedly mirrored back to us…until they are actively resolved


+ How to release the rumination and critical self talk that can clog one’s mind and instead ease back into the heart in order to wholly trust one’s own decisions


+ How to unleash the hidden creative spirit and watch as it reignites work, energy and relationships


+ Redefine what impossible actually means and take control over life’s true potential


+ Understand why some people spin from one thing to another without settling into their true purpose in life


+ Identify when imposter syndrome sets in and how to ease back into a place of authentic confidence


+ Discover how to use interactions with others as a gift to see deep within the unconscious mind


+ Learn exactly why procrastination happens and how to use it as a strategic tool to reach desired goals


+ How to effectively communicate opinions and needs so each person feels heard, understood and respected


+ Why humans are hardwired to unconsciously sabotage the very things we want most… and how to outsmart our biology


+ How to overcome the feeling of not being enough and release the worry of abandonment


+ How to rebuild trust in choices and decisions, as well as how to build trust in those around us


+ How to quiet the inner critic and instead feel the way through to the path of least resistance


+ How to stop looking to others for approval and release the need to please people


+ How to learn to embrace failure and finally understand the innate guidance in each perceived loss


+ Find the courage to listen to the pull deep inside and begin going after what matters most in life


+ How to be okay with critical and disapproving people


+ How to deal with setbacks and disappointments without allowing them to derail the big leap forward


+ How to heal ongoing arguments and frustration with family members, co-workers, friends and exes


+ How to become fascinated by the sheer will and infinite potential of the human spirit

Erin Matlock is a founder and advisor who has spent 14 years in leadership in the brain health, mental health and neurotech markets. She is a life member of Mensa® and a globally recognized mindset coach who has advised CEOs, health personalities, NYT bestselling authors, critically acclaimed artists, elite athletes and highly successful entrepreneurs through deeply intense transition and rapid growth in their professional and personal lives.


She is an international and TEDx speaker who boldly challenges the stigma of suicide, author of Worth It, a self-help poetry book based on her viral poems and empowering essays and a beloved painter who creates large format works with bold, inspiring colors. Named one of the Top 50 Human Behavior Experts to Follow, she is a wildly popular blogger who reaches a global audience of over 3 million people each year.