This is the Week 10 update in The Sound/Mind Experiment.

If you missed Week 9, you can read it by clicking here.

This is my fourth week in the Red Zone which is the highest frequency training of the program.

The sound frequencies in this zone’s music (750Hz to 20,000Hz) target intuition, energy, creativity, ideals, productivity, motivation and alertness.

The red zone is the icing on the cake. The energy, focus and motivation that it gives you are like nothing else I’ve ever experienced.

Throughout these 10 weeks I have completely changed the way I navigate my life and business.

It’s been challenging, humbling and amazing all at the same time.

In this program you spend your last four weeks in the red zone, and once I made it into the second week of this zone, I started to feel intense joy.

That’s not a word I typically use to describe how I feel. There is a joy from deep within that is just here… like it’s on autopilot… for no reason at all.

I do a lot of reflection when I am out walking Zoey. I look around at the desert and the mountains and just breathe it all in.

I will write more about this in my final report but there is a connectedness that I feel now. I understand where I came from, why I’m here and where I’m going. There is a peace that I don’t remember ever having – even as a young child.

Some might call this an awakening, and some might call this a deep understanding and acceptance of self.

I don’t care what it’s called. What I know is that I have a happiness, an alertness and a clarity that is coming from deep within me…without even trying.

I have always identified with feeling alone in a crowded room… like I was born in the wrong time.

There has been a disconnect that I decided to make peace with about a decade ago.

The connection that I feel now isn’t easy for me to explain. I’m still working on the words for it.

I still feel different, and I believe that is common for introverts… it’s just that I now feel whole.

November 23
Session: 1:58 PM
Zone: Red

Have definitely hit my stride here. One thing I’m noticing is that I can now rebound from deeply aggravating situations almost instantly. Where I used to remain annoyed and upset for the rest of the day, I can now drop things and move on at will.

Today’s Training Helped With: self-control, conflict resolution, coordination

November 24
Session: 7:06 PM
Zone: Red

Today was the first time I have conducted music in the air. Just pure joy and energy from this one. (Zoey left the room…I think she was embarrassed.) This track should be the wake up music in alarm clocks.

Today’s Training Helped With: attention, social interactions, coordination

November 25


November 26
Session: 10:56 AM
Zone: Red

I don’t know how you can listen to this zone of music and not be happy. This has to be the happiest piece I have heard so far.

Today’s Training Helped With: behavior, self-confidence, coordination

November 27
Session: 6:06 PM
Zone: Red

Nothing much to report today. Everything seems to be on autopilot.

Today’s Training Helped With: organization, self-confidence, gross motor skills

November 28
Session: 8:43am
Zone: Red

Trained first thing this morning. Head is full. This zone actually keeps my energy levels high throughout the day.

Today’s Training Helped With: organization, self-confidence, fine motor skills


It’s almost been a full year since I ran this experiment, and so many things in my life have changed…

  • Gave my first TEDx Talk on the British Channel Island of Guernsey.
  • Completed my 9 year relationship with my partner who was briefly mentioned in the updates.
  • Re-entered single life, moved to a new side of town and am figuring out life on my own.
  • Produced the most successful edition of Brain Summit to date.
  • Lost 30 pounds.
  • Gave the most personal and hardest talk of my career on a stage shared with Quincy Jones, Montel Williams, Dr. Daniel Amen, Dave Asprey and our host, Jim Kwik.
  • Went skydiving for the first time.
  • Began writing my first book.
  • Took that photography class I never had time for.
  • And healed a deeply broken heart.


I ran this experiment because I wanted to be stronger. I wanted to stand up to life and make it very clear that I could handle whatever came at me.

I’ve learned to listen to my heart. To finally put myself and my dreams first.

I am a very different woman than the one who first put the headset on.

I am wiser, braver and so much stronger than I ever thought I could be.

~ Erin



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