This is the Week Two update of The Sound/Mind Experiment: a ten week sound training program using The Listening Program.

If you missed anything, please click here to catch up.

It was difficult for me to filter in two 15 minute training sessions each day, so my program was changed to once per day for 30 minutes. Even though the total training time is the same, it is much easier for me to schedule in the one session.

September 21
Session: 9:36am

Today I have officially added coloring back into my adult skill set. While I have no trouble shutting down distractions when I meditate, I was finding it hard to ‘do nothing’ while listening to TLP.

Since we’re not supposed to be surfing the web, doing email or work while training, Alex suggested I go to the art store and pick up a coloring book and some colored pencils.

Art clearly isn’t my gift, but I found it surprisingly relaxing to simply focus on coloring inside of the lines.

September 22
Session: 4:05pm

Tuesdays are blog and newsletter days, so I’m booked all the way up until I lead my mastermind at 5pm. I had a technical glitch with my music today so I only trained 15 minutes out of the 30.


September 23
Session: 8:45am

I’m back in a routine today and found out that painting my nails is an approved art activity to do while I’m listening. So, I took a break from coloring and grabbed my bottle of Dior instead.

September 24
Session: 1:39pm

Slept a little later than normal today to try to catch up on sleep. Went for a hike in 99 degree weather so I’m a bit burnt. It was really, really nice to just sit and color and listen.

September 25
Session: 7:00am

Very easy session today. Alert. Calm. No stress.

September 26
Session: 2:17pm

This was a Saturday make-up session since I got behind this week. I spent the morning clearing out the clutter in my master bath so I am spent and covered with flowery potions.

These first two weeks in the training program are set up to get my brain ready for changes. Think of it like training for a marathon. You don’t start out running 20+ miles. You ease into it. Build a foundation. Same thing with TLP.

I know next week starts the true training, so I’m looking forward to what’s to come.

The funny thing about these first two weeks is that I now have this pressing urge to get organized. Really, really organized.

Downsizing my “stuff” has been on my list for years, so I’m pretty happy that something here has finally pushed me to do it.



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