Welcome to the Week 3 Update of The Sound/Mind Experiment. 

You can catch up with week two here.

Week three of The Listening Program marks the start of true training. Your first two weeks are laying a foundation and preparing your brain for the changes that are coming.

There was a definite difference in the music. I could feel it darting left and right and in and out.

This music is modified to act on the vestibular system which is responsible for balance, coordination and control.

I trip a lot and have a history of walking into walls. It’s not attractive, so I am curious to see if TLP can help me with that.

September 28
Session: 8:42am

So the training is definitely different today. The music feels like it is jumping back and forth between my left and right side. Not too distracting but will take a bit to get used to.

September 29
Session: 8:42pm

Almost forgot to do this one. I am on a semi-break from work so my schedule looks nothing like it normally does. Went to the coloring book today and could feel myself gritting my teeth all the way through.

(Could be the sugar I had today.)

September 30
Session: 8:50pm

Still gritting my teeth. Still on sugar…  Interestingly enough, I feel very calm during my sessions.

October 1
Session: 8:03pm

Felt good tonight. Still a little gritting, but then I’m still on a little sugar. Head feels busy but in a good way.

October 2
Session: 7:54am

Finally back to morning listening. Took a long walk with Zoey and then put my headphones on. The music is beautiful – I decided not to color today. I have broken the tip off of my colored pencils several times now, so clearly my perfectionism has carried over to my coloring book.

3 weeks down and I’m feeling good. I’m still in the process of cleaning out my home. When you live with someone, you quickly find out that the process takes a long, long time. Trying to clear out things that belong to someone else adds a whole new layer of not awesome to this project.

I also made a big decision this week. It’s not life altering, but I have waffled on it for at least 2 years. It was like a light switch went on and the answer was easy…finally.

My mood is stable and optimistic. Even with such an intense history of depression, this is my normal state – so I’m happy that I’m remaining myself through this thing.

I am getting a lot of emails asking about specific conditions that might be helped with TLP training.

While the company doesn’t make claims as to being a treatment for these things, it is being used in 35 countries by both children and adults who are dealing with challenges from ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Depression, Stroke, Brain Injury, Insomnia, PTSD, Lack of Focus, Memory Improvement, Motivation, Peak Performance, Educational Challenges, Processing Disorders, Dementia and other issues.



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