Welcome to Week Five of The Sound/Mind Experiment.

You can catch up with week 4 here. 

There were things that happened this week that I’m still trying to wrap my head around.

Sometimes life becomes crystal clear and you feel as though you’ve woken up.

This is where I am.

Almost like a need to prepare for what’s coming.

I started this experiment to find emotional strength and balance. I was worn down and very much caught up in the chaos of life and work.

I am finding these things faster than I expected, and I am handling stress in a way that is so far beyond calm. Almost detached, but in a good, protective way.

I am seeing people differently.

While I’ve always been a highly sensitive person, I am now finding myself able to get a read on people, at a deep level, almost instantly.

I’m not talking about any kind of psychic ability, but instead a deeper human connection that has been missing.

The Listening Program is known for helping people like me get sharper focus, concentration, better memory and brain function.

I expect those things to translate to my work… and they do.

What I wasn’t expecting was the effect the program would have on my life. 

There is a clarity that I’ve never had before.

It’s human to push things beneath the surface of consciousness. Things that we don’t want to deal with or that are too painful to deal with.

It’s as if I’ve stepped out of my own way and am being handed issues to work through – some of which I’ve been carrying around for decades.

And finally, as someone who has felt out of place my entire life, I am now feeling a connection that gives me a much needed sense of peace.

So you will notice in my notes from training this week that I didn’t have a lot to say.

It was an intense week, and I still can’t put it all into words.

Week 5 places me in the Orange Zone of trainingThis zone targets cognition, attention, communication and auditory processing.

The sound frequency range is 500Hz to 5000Hz.

October 12
Session: 9:37am
Listening Zone: Orange

Hit the coloring book today. It’s funny, but I miss training on the weekends. Didn’t want this session to end.

October 13
Session: 1:33pm
Listening Zone: Orange

Tuesdays are my hard days for work. Jam packed until I hit the bed at night. The music was beautiful today. Cranked the volume up on this one.

October 14
Session: 7:37pm
Listening Zone: Orange

Rough day. Once you finish each day’s training, you are shown three areas that were targeted that day. If you look at the image below, you will see ‘conflict resolution’ with a big blue circle around it.


Today was a day of massive conflict, so it was nice to see this pop up when I needed it.
October 15
Session: 2:15pm
Listening Zone: Orange

Headache. (This was my only note for this day. Like I mentioned above, this was an intense week.)

October 16
Session: 8:05pm
Listening Zone: Orange

My head is very full.

(This sums up an incredibly hard but profound week.)

If you are following this experiment and are thinking about trying The Listening Program for yourself, I have to say just do it. Don’t wait. Don’t over think it.

I am only five weeks in and have many, many weeks to go. What has happened in my life is so much more than I expected and so much more than I knew was possible.

Each of us has a beautiful brain that was destined to take us on an amazing journey. Somewhere in life we step in the way of that. We lose our way in the complexities of adulthood.

The Listening Program strips those layers away and gives your brain the chance to be what it was meant to be.



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