This is the Week Six update of The Sound/Mind Experiment.

You can catch up with Week Five by clicking here.

The Orange Zone of training has been unreal. It changed the way I look at absolutely everything.

This one went straight to my soul.

If you are the type of person who needs science to tie things up in a tidy bow, then this update is not going to be for you.

If you have open eyes and an open heart and understand that some things come with no scientific explanation, then you’ll feel right at home.

Alex told me that the orange zone would help with focus.

Who doesn’t need better focus?

Turns out I am too focused.

So much so that I have a habit of missing what is going on around me.

The training accounted for that.

Last week I mentioned that I felt like I was waking up. Getting very clear about life and getting deep readings on people.

This week another layer of fog lifted, and I saw things and felt things I hadn’t allowed for myself since my very early 20s when my mind and my heart were still wide open.

This week was all about synchronicity.

October 19
Session: 7:32pm
Listening Zone: Orange

Listened a little later than I wanted to today but still got it done before 8pm. I definitely feel the movement more in the Orange zone. Still feeling the effects of the green zone. I am all over my posture and find myself noticing when people drag or shuffle their feet.

October 20

No session today.

October 21
Session: 9:48am
Listening Zone: Orange

Massive headache today. Am trying once again to detox from sugar and head back into ketosis. Maybe it will take this time. (Author’s note: It did not.) The music at the beginning of the second session was stunning. Needed that.

This day turned into something incredibly beautiful. I made a new professional connection who unbeknownst to me needed a dose of kindness today.

I get emails and messages all day long. I’ve learned to prioritize them so I can get my work done.

But today, as soon as I read the message, I knew I needed to meet this person and speak to them.

It’s that feeling in your gut that you just can’t ignore.

I will give them their privacy, but let’s just say they were having a really, really sad day. They hid it from me in our phone call, but I just felt something was off.

We talked shop for a while and then the conversation quickly turned to the wonder of synchronicity.

I don’t believe in coincidences and neither did they.

It was nice to just talk and be me and not worry if the person on the other end thought I was a whack job.

We ended our call knowing that we were going to work together in some way. We were too aligned in our beliefs not to.

After the call, I grabbed Zoey and we went for a walk. Five minutes in, it started raining.

We kept walking. 

I just wanted to let this day go and soak up the view – and a little rain wasn’t going to stop me.

And then I saw it…


I’ve never seen a double rainbow before. It was gorgeous. It’s exactly the kind of thing you need after a long day.

I sent a text to my new friend. Attached the photo you see above. Told them, “there’s your synchronicity”.

They text back and in reading their message, finally, the timing and energy of our phone call made perfect sense.

A loved one of theirs had died early that morning.

And right there we both knew what the rainbow was and who it was for.

October 22
Session: 10:23pm
Listening Zone: Orange

After a day like yesterday, I was thrown off center. It’s happening quite a bit these days, and makes sense seeing the changes I am going through. I barely fit my training in and called it a night.

October 23
Session: 4:51pm
Listening Zone: Orange

I was told I had dark circles under my eyes today. I noticed that this morning too. That’s not normal for me. I’m definitely exhausted, but I’m inclined to think it’s due to so much happening at once.

October 24
Session: 4:56pm
Listening Zone: Orange

This was a Saturday makeup session since I missed a training day this week. Easy day. No stress. Heading out to a party later tonight.

I mentioned earlier that this week was all about synchronicity….

After my training, I was finishing up a little work and in the background I was listening to a video about getting out of your own thoughts and instead asking for a sign when you needed guidance in life. One person in the video chose a butterfly and another person chose an owl and then they went on to talk about how the signs showed up in the oddest places…just as they needed clarity.

As I closed my laptop, I took a minute to go quiet and see what came up for me. Surely I could have a sign too.

And in my head the first thing that came up was a star.

Not a second later, my thoughts started to tear into me.

“A star? It’s supposed to be an animal or some type of creature..and cute. It needs to be cute.”

“A star? Nice one, Erin. You’re going to see your sign every single night just by looking up. How does that mean anything?”

“And note to self…keep this to yourself. Your hard core science friends would freak out if they knew you were sitting here trying to manifest a sign from God.”

The thoughts went on and on. So I decided today wasn’t going to be the day I figured out my sign.

I left my office and grabbed a bite to eat. Then Zoey and I went out for a walk to pass the time until my friend came to pick me up for the party.

My phone rang. It was another friend of mine…one with an amazingly open heart and mind.

We had a beautiful conversation about life and work and the future. We made peace with the parts of this year that were so brutal. And we talked about the simplicity of letting go of the heaviness and embracing the light.

It’s the kind of phone call that reminds you how to live and how to breathe and how to be.

As I was walking back home, I rounded the corner of my street. I could see my ride for the night waiting, so I began to say goodbye to my friend.

I happened to glance up at the sky, and wouldn’t you know….

…right there in front of me was a shooting star.



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