Peak performance is the theme for week eight of the Sound/Mind Experiment.

If you missed the week seven update, you can read it here.

Continuing on with training in the Red Zone, the sound frequencies in this week’s music (750Hz to 20,000Hz) target intuition, energy, creativity, ideals, productivity, motivation and alertness.

I can absolutely feel the difference in my physical response to the red zone training.

I am trying to keep my listening to the early hours of the day so the energy and motivation boosts occur when I actually need them. No sense listening to something that wakes me up and gets me focused and productive right before bed.

One note before I get to the daily logs, this experiment was intended to help me get my brain back after life, stress, work, relationships, burn out and depression took it away.

If you’ve been reading my weekly updates, then you know I got more than I bargained for.

I got me back. The young me. The one who was full of life and free and believed my ‘good years’ were still ahead of me. The one who didn’t feel the need to conform and please.

It’s like someone opened my head and cleared out all the junk that had been building up for decades.

Now I wake up and start my days with my eyes and heart fully wide open…and what I am receiving makes me grateful to be alive.

So, quietly, behind the scenes, I have gone through training to become a certified provider (also called a coach) for The Listening Program.

This was never my intention, but after seeing my own transformation over the last couple of months, I knew I had to integrate the program into my personal coaching.

(Fair warning, this is an amazing and wild ride. If you are just looking for some background music to help you focus better at work, this isn’t for you. This is music listening therapy, and it is designed to make intense and lasting cognitive and emotional changes.)

November 9
Session: 9:16pm
Listening Zone: Red

Have really missed my training, although it was nice to take a break and just get a feel for my brain. No blog writing today so I had room to breathe and create and hike. A beautiful Monday.

Today’s Training Helped With: time management, interpersonal relationships, gross motor skills

November 10
Session: 12:45pm
Listening Zone: Red

Sugar detoxing … again. So headache… again. Spent the morning on dual tech support calls so my annoyance level is a bit high. Interesting note, one of the support reps was trying to fix an issue on my site and ended up reading through this entire experiment. I am getting this a lot, and I am relieved to know that there are so many of us who are looking for something more out of life.

Today’s Training Helped With: time management, self-confidence, gross motor skills

November 11
Session: 10:15am
Listening Zone: Red

Had a beautiful walk with Zoey. Windows open. 55 degrees. Used the coloring book today. Had to turn Bone Conduction up because I wasn’t feeling it at all.

Today’s Training Helped With: attention, social interactions, gross motor skills


November 12
Session: 9:25am
Listening Zone: Red

Feeling good today. It’s nice to return to a morning listening schedule. I had forgotten how much of a difference it makes to do this at the start of the day. Dealt with a bizarre, heavy stressor last night and was able to maintain a shockingly calm tone and breathing pattern throughout. Would have loved to have been wearing a heart rate monitor to see the response there.

Today’s Training Helped With: memory, social interactions, body awareness

November 13
Session: 10:16am
Listening Zone: Red

Feeling amazing.  Cleared off most of what has been weighing me down over the last couple of weeks and am finally back to creative flow. Fleshing out new projects for next year and it all makes me very, very happy. Loved the music today.

Today’s Training Helped With: self-control, social interactions, body awareness



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